God has placed the vision of this new church on the heart of Pastor Kent McBay. Many churches  from around the country and in Arizona have partnered together with Pastor McBay to make this new church plant possible.


Our Identity

North Mesa Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church. That means that our church is self-governing. We are not a member of any convention, fellowship, or association, which could control our direction or beliefs.
North Mesa Baptist Church is a Fundamental Baptist Church. The term fundamental refers to an adherence to the great cardinal doctrines of the faith as stated in our beliefs.

North Mesa Baptist Church holds to the distinctives of historic Baptists. The term Baptist identifies these distinctives from the following acrostic:



iblical Authority


utonomy or self-governing power of the local church


riesthood of each believer


wo church offices: Pastor & Deacon


ndividual soul liberty


aved and baptized church membership


wo church ordinances: Baptism by immersion & Lord's Supper


eperation of church and state


Our Vision

To share the gospel of Jesus Christ with thousands of lost friends and neighbors, many of whom will accept Him as Savior.

To Develope new believers as well as established believers into fully functional followers of Christ.

To establish churches which will equip its members to serve Christ effectively in the ministry within the church and around the world.